7 Reasons to Join PACT

  • Network with other Chemistry teachers of the high school, college and university levels;
  • Learn about new ideas in chemical education presented at seminars, workshops, conventions and congresses;
  • Enhance your impact on chemical education through collaboration with colleagues in developing instructional materials;
  • Develop contacts who can help you professionally;
  • Participate in national and international programs that enhance the teaching of Chemistry;
  • Meet, make friends and exchange ideas with others committed to improving chemical education; and
  • Become a better Chemistry/Science teacher!

Who are qualified?

Membership in the Association is open, primarily to all persons teaching Chemistry and/or the allied sciences such as but not limited to Earth Science, Biology, and Physics in the basic, higher and technical-vocational educational institutions duly recognized by the Philippine government.

What type of membership can I apply for?

Associate membership shall be granted to a person who is:

  • a new applicant who is engaged in teaching 
  • a new applicant who is involved in chemistry education but may not be engaged in teaching; or
  • a previous member who did not renew for at least three years

Regular membership shall be granted to a person who is actively            engaged in teaching, and regularly paying the appropriate membership dues. An applicant can be granted:

  • one-year Regular Membership after attending at least one activity as an Associate Member.
  • five-year Regular membership after attending at least two activities of the association from the date of his/her membership. 

How to join?

1.  Prepare a soft copy of your recent ID picture  and Company ID in jpeg/png format (not larger than 20 MB).

2. Pay/deposit the membership fee:

Bank Name: Security Bank (Savings Account)
Account Name: Philippine Association of Chemistry Teachers – National Chapter (PACT-NATIONAL) Inc.
Account Number: 00000 2629 5925

       Membership Fees:

  • New Member (for 1 year): Php 400.00
  • Renewal Fee (for 1-year regular member): PhP 400.00*
  • Renewal Fee (for 5-year regular member): Php 1,200.00
    * shall be paid annually

        Delivery fee: Php 200.00 for home or work delivery of PACT ID and                  Official Receipt

3. Fill up the appropriate online application form.

  • FOR RENEWAL , click HERE.  

4. Once the application is verified, The membership will be granted upon the approval of the Board.

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