7 Reasons to Join PACT

  • Network with other Chemistry teachers of the high school, college and university levels;
  • Learn about new ideas in chemical education presented at seminars, workshops, conventions and congresses;
  • Enhance your impact on chemical education through collaboration with colleagues in developing instructional materials;
  • Develop contacts who can help you professionally;
  • Participate in national and international programs that enhance the teaching of Chemistry;
  • Meet, make friends and exchange ideas with others committed to improving chemical education; and
  • Become a better Chemistry/Science teacher!

Who are qualified?

Membership in the Association is open, primarily to all persons teaching Chemistry and/or the allied sciences such as but not limited to Earth Science, Biology, and Physics in the basic, higher and technical-vocational educational institutions duly recognized by the Philippine government.

What type of membership can I apply for?

Associate membership shall be granted to a person who is:

  • a new applicant who is engaged in teaching 
  • a new applicant who is involved in chemistry education but may not be engaged in teaching; or
  • a previous member who did not renew for at least three years

Regular membership shall be granted to a person who is actively engaged in teaching, and regularly paying the appropriate membership dues. An applicant can be granted:

  • one-year Regular Membership after attending at least one activity as an Associate Member.
  • five-year Regular membership after attending at least two activities of the association from the date of his/her membership. 

How to join?

  1. Prepare your employer’s ID. You will upload it in the form.
  2. Pay/deposit the membership fee:

Bank Name: Security Bank (Savings Account)
Account Name: Philippine Association of Chemistry Teachers – National Chapter (PACT-NATIONAL) Inc.
Account Number: 00000 2629 5925

             Membership Fees:

  • New Member, Associate Member (for 1 year): Php 400.00
  • Renewal Fee (for 1-year regular member): PhP 400.00*
  • Renewal Fee (for 5-year regular member): Php 1,200.00
    * shall be paid annually
  1. Fill up the appropriate online application form. 
  • FOR RENEWAL , click HERE.  
  1. Once the application is verified, the membership will be granted upon the approval of the Board. The timeline for approval is 14 working days.
  2. After the confirmation, the membership certificate and official receipt will be sent through email address that you have provided.

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