Apprentice Week: A Partnership with Reedley International School

By: Adam Ong, Content Writer, Work Immersion Program, Reedley International School

In 2021, the first partnership between the Philippine Association of Chemistry Teachers and Reedley International School for the Work Immersion program took place. They continue this partnership in 2022 with 6 new apprentices. Between the days of May 3-18, these apprentices worked as 3 different teams in their respective positions. 

Reedley International School
Philippine Association of Chemistry Teachers

The first team worked towards creating a Home-Lab Kit which can already be seen from the Google Site. Their google site consists of the Home-Laboratory Kit, video demos and worksheets. When asked of their experiences being an apprentice, they commented that it was enjoyable and a great learning experience. One of the apprentices mentions that a lesson they learned is the importance of reaching out. To quote the apprentice, “Moreover, I have also learned the importance of reaching out. I am the type of person who prefers to accomplish tasks on my own, but in the encouraging environment that PACT has offered us, I was able to ask for help whenever I encountered a challenge in the creation of my output.”

Home-Laboratory Kit Google Site

The next team were documentation writers who worked towards writing articles for past events in PACT’s history. This had the apprentices read different materials and listen to webinars to summarize and write into sizable articles. When asked of the lessons they learned while being an apprentice one of them comments, “The PACT apprenticeship allowed me to gain invaluable experience in writing articles and the use of WordPress for website posting and management.”

The final team was tasked with creating posters and other publication materials. They also contacted and sent out invitations to different companies. They commented that this apprenticeship was very educational and helped them better themselves. When asked of their experience, one of the apprentices had this to say, “It was better than I thought it was gonna be. I thought it would be more stressful but it was actually quite fun.”